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Getting Involved

Ask not what HiVitality can do for you, what YOU can do for HiVitality

Do you have a skill or training in a given area?  – Are you accomplished in a craft that you would be willing to run a mini workshop during a retreat? 
Let us know your ideas of what you could bring to HiVitality to make it more.

If you would like to be added to our database to receive invitations to retreats, our newsletter and other occasional messages from HiVitality please click here. 

New Venues
We are constantly asked for and on the look out for new venues suitable for future retreats around the country. 
Please contact the Chair at

This is where YOU come in. HiVitality would like, in time, to have retreat venues in each region of the United Kingdom, so that everyone has a retreat take place in their neck of the woods at least once every two years. 
BUT this can only happen with your help. 

Do you know of a likely establishment that might be suitable?  Let us know how many they can accommodate, cost for sole use, transport links etc.

Other Activities
Would you like an opportunity to do something other at one of our retreats? 
Then present your ideas to us, let us know how it would run, who would do it and what costs would be involved. 

If you know someone who could do it or if you would do it, let us know.  As few things in life are free, please let us know how it would be funded. 
Contact us with your proposals, including what you can bring to the table here.

HiVitality is registered with Amazon Smile.  If you select us as you preferred charity we will receive 0.5% of whatever you spend with them.  You can register here.

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